About Us



Ky Gia Architects and Construction Consultants Ltd. (Kygia) was established by Mr. Bui Gia Ky, who has been practicing architecture for than 15 years.

With a long-term vision and a sustainable design point of view, Kygia has become known for designing projects of high effectiveness and aesthetic , as well as spacesaving and cost-saving designs without decreasing the projects’ elegance and luxury.

In any Kygia’s design solution, there is a careful consideration of spaces, materials, development trends, usability, and the combination with other specific elements such as structure and MEP, etc.

 Fields of activity:

- Architectural Design and Construction Consultancy of Civilian and IndustrialBuilding
- Interior Design
- Urban Planning
- Setting up Construction Investment Project
- Investment Project Management
- Building Design Verification
- Construction Quality Verification
- Testing, Certificating for eligible bearing safety and conformity of buildingconstruction quality
Post date:  Saturday, April 14, 2018